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June 5, 2008

Connection Problems (Resolved)

Hello everyone! I seem to be having connection problems at home. So donors will get their gifts a bit slow :( I'll be going to a cyber cafe tomorrow to email the gifts. Thanks for your patience! :)

Updates: Sent the gifts to the donors. If you haven't received yours, please email me :) Thanks for your patience!


Unknown said...

Did you get to mail them out yet?

Diederick said...

Hey, um, not to be a bugger or anything; but the background tune keeps going even after closing the Humplex as a tag. It's a bit annoying and it makes visiting this place less attractive.

Anonymous said...

Any luck yet? *hugglies*

Unknown said...

hey thanks hum for the tip flash! it really made my 21st birthday a great one!!!!

Anonymous said...

Im not goin to givr tips because you have been more than a week without posting

humbuged said...

Anon, hehe just concentrating on KK3 and a new site design :) Yeah, I really should post something though. I miss drawing on oC. Coding in Flash is arghhhhh XD

Anonymous said...

Hey, is KK3 still 23%? ^_^; I am so anxious to see that number climb a bit.. (>-w-)>

Anonymous said...

I want more animated cock. Now. Tips later.

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