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July 25, 2008

Zulf's Swimwear

It's time for the furboys to show off their collection ;) Zulfy loves showing off that big bulge in his tight swimwear :D He offers juices to everyone thirsty in the pool too ;D Straight from the tap! *snicker* XD

Zulf's Swimwear

1280 x 960 Wallpaper here

1280 x 800 (Wide Screen) Wallpaper here

1280 x 1024 Wallpaper here


Anonymous said...

I love you Zulfy!!! *o* <3
I can't wait to see the others and their bulges. >w< <3

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Zulf >:D!!!!
I wonder if you're going to draw the other versions again :P (you know, like.. naked version :P, just kidding xD)


Gabriel31 said...

Yes, I would like it straight from the tap, pleeeease!

Anonymous said...

Sex ! Sex ! Sex ! xD

Anonymous said...

HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZULFY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Em Wyllie said...

So, if we're all thirsty, will we get a picture of the tap? ;)

Love it, Hum.

Anonymous said...

Yaaaay, Zulf, i missed him, :)

Keiji said...

Zerrif: *swoons*

xD I think he'd like straight from the tap too, haha.

Anonymous said...


negative[one] said...

ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod.. @_@

Unknown said...

hot zulf

Zulfforlife said...

Please make a meet n' fuck game. We all want it <3 also please make it free. Please? Btw meet n' fuck games are self explanatory. Ya get to fuck evreyone <3

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