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August 8, 2008

Keric On Sofa

First Flash file that I created :) Not a game, just an animation loop. Keric looks so slim here! XD

Keric on sofa

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Anonymous said...

Well...... Guess what im dreaming of tonight...... i love your work

Anonymous said...

he looks younger, too. like 18, 19? (not that I actually know how old he's supposed to be, anyway - which brings me to an important point, how old is he, anyway? :P)

Great flash <3<3<3! Although to me it seemed a bit stiff (not just in that way) - what I mean is that it could have used more motion, not just in that one arm and his kawk. Like how is other hand is on his balls, you could have had a fluttering motion there, and maybe chest rising/falling for rough breathing... you know, lively. Although I guess this was probably a more sketch-like flash, I'm just throwing out some concrit there. ;D

MaxHedrm said...

I love the lean Keric. WAY better than the buff over-built Keric. :^) YUM!

Anonymous said...

his stuff is kinda small here... try making it bigger... keric is alwas hot! anywhere you put him...

Anonymous said...

I love slimmer Keric a lot more than big muscle Keric. He just looks way more attractive. Only thing I'd have changed would be making his goodies slightly larger. But that really doesn't matter too much. Still hott. Loves it. :P

Anonymous said...

Oooh ~ me likey a slim Keric ~ X3 <3

Anonymous said...

Awesome first flash!

I like that Keric has grown up a bit in the mean time, though. He looks pretty good here, but I like him bigger and buffer. ;)

Anonymous said...

hmm he looks soo young and yum

Johny said...

i love your work dude. i love making drawings too. if you want look my blog.

Anonymous said...

He looks innocent (hehe looks likes its his first time to jerk) I like it.

Anonymous said...

I miss the younger keric (not a big fan of beefcakes). He looks so cute here. I wanna hug him

Anonymous said...

i love young keric.. he is cuter than the old keric. But his stuff is bit small..

Anonymous said...

I love this new, more svelte Keric. Is there any possibility of you making download versions of these flash loops? All of your work is freaking amazing, especially this one and the one of Keric giving head. I can honestly say that you are by far my favorite Yaoi artist, keep up the great work! I will donate as my situation allows.

Micki said...

He really does look young in this, like someone once commented.

Makes me think of my character Theron, because of his eyebrows (and that they both have black hair) XD

Unknown said...

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