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August 14, 2008

Toraz's Swimwear

Ah, the last of my main furboys :D Y'know I noticed, Toraz is probably the least character that I've drawn :O Tsk, tsk I must rectify that! And here's Toraz, sporting his favourite swimwear, the G-string! Why a G-string? Cause that's the only one that feels like a fundoshi to him ;D

Toraz's Swimwear

1280 x 960 Wallpaper here

1280 x 800 (Wide Screen) Wallpaper here

1280 x 1024 Wallpaper here

PS - I've added Wide Screen wallpapers for all the other Humboys :D (Keric, Cyl, Xerude, Zulf, Arus)


Anonymous said...

YAY! Sexy Toraz!
lol, It thought some kinds of fundoshi were used as swimwear though...
Either way, the g-string is still pretty sexy. ;D

Anonymous said...

He looks great!

I wonder if he's a little embarassed that his pubic fur is showing a little! Hee hee!

- Ricardo

Anonymous said...

yummy..... i wanna know why you havent done 3 somes yet. :P

Anonymous said...

toraz and zulf NEED to get it ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOO! That's really freakin' hot! Thanks for making the widescreen wallpapers. I <3 you so much for that! Can't wait to see more art/flash/anything from you!


Anonymous said...

WoW! He looks sexy, but I wish too see him more often, because he is really left behind by the others...

Well anyway, great work! Keep that up!

(P.S. Toraz is my favorite so I reallyh like to see him more...)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else agree with metalmoose? I would love to see Toraz and Zulfy doing some naughty things together. or maybe some more solos from either.

Btw love the wallpapers. actually, pretty much everything you're doing I love.

More Toraz!

Zulfforlife said...

<3 this. Now if you would just make a meet n' fuck game we would all be happy. Cus we would get to fuck all the charaters <3 this would be the best graphicly made meet n' fuck even probly. You have skills.

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