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September 16, 2008

For Koinu456

For Koinu456

For Koinu456 at FurAffinity :) This is 18 year old, Tedi XD What a cute underwear, haha :B He's supposed to be a golden retriever, hence the dog ears and tail :)


Anonymous said...

Awwww ~ he's so cute ~ :3 <3

Anonymous said...

he is so adorable

Anonymous said...

Hi Humplex... I dunno exactly if this is the first comment I post here on your web-site, anyway... I can say surely left you comment on your Deviant-ART's account ^^! My DA account's

I wanna congratulate you by the great work you do with your illustrations. I really enjoy your art-style, because it's so manly and cute at the same time (something really hard to find on gay-art world).

Keep bein' awesome... ^^!

Salutes you from Uruguay, Martin Rottweiler.

P/d: I know that you only work with commissions, anyway... I would like you to draw my two gay furry characters: Alex & Benji. It would be really cool for me to see them arted by you. You can find them on my DA gallery ^^!

Anonymous said...

does he have a big pepree? pepre = penis

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