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October 26, 2008

The Humboys Become Miis

Hey everyone!:) So here I was surfing the net about character editors and I stumbled upon

Apparently, this is an online Mii editor. So I was thinking, "Hey! Why not try and make my Humboys into Mii characters!?". After a few minutes fiddling, I came up with these!

These are the Elfboys, Keric, Cyl and Xerude.
(I substituted Xerude's green hair with grey...)

Who are these? ;)


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! :D

I know who the last three are! That is so great! XD lol

I will have to make them the next time I plug in my Wii! :)

See you soon~

- Ricardo

Anonymous said...

Oh! It's me again! :)

Perhaps there is a way you can post the actual formulas to making them?

I wanna make sure I get all the heights and proportions correct, and I'm sure others would want to also. :D

But I'm sure I can wing it if I must~

- Ricardo

Kenny said...

lol aw
all your furry guys :D

Anonymous said...

Aw, Hum, if anyone else had watered down your magnificent creations like this, I'd have led the posse to string 'em up. As it was you, though, I guess it's OK. But honestly, can you imagine anyone making a mess over the Wii versions? :-)

Anonymous said...

lol , not such a big mystery when you have them tagged right below!

Anonymous said...

Heh. The Humboys look great as Miis, but I do miss that sexy green Xerude hair. <3

Anonymous said...

How cute!
I loved them!

Look at Arus, Toraz and Zulf too!
I luv them all *O*

Anonymous said...

Bah, the orange one looks like Larry Butz ;)

Anonymous said...

lol have fun playing Mario Kart Wii with them lol

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