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November 4, 2008

No Prop 8!


Anonymous said...

I suppose Id support that...but to be honest, I dont care about Prop 8 because I dont like the concept of marriage to begin with...but its more than that, its gay rights, so I do care. Domestic partnerships are much better however. As Id put it, its marriage without the drama :P

Anonymous said...

Thing is, if you vote YES on it in spite, then you ARE supporting a very clear and bigoted definition of what marriage will be, and that is rejecting the validity of same-sex partnerships. Which would you rather be responsible for?

Anonymous said...

Not just that, Domestic partnerships don't have nearly as many rights as a marriage.

Imagine being in the hospital and your "domestic partner" not being able to visit you.

Anonymous said...

I'm not that smart when it comes to politics...but I support gay marriage stuff so :) lol well cause...heh lol

...I want to slip my hands under Keric's vest and play with his nipples ^ . ^

Anonymous said...

\\if you vote yes, then Cyl and Keric cant get married :<

Anonymous said...

omg... curious america ^__^

Hadrian said...

1400 rights that are automatically given to married couples once they say I do, or get their marriage license. Many of the rights and laws have the specific wording of marriage, maybe if they come up with a way to call it something else this wouldn't happen. But in order to get those rights it HAS to be called Marriage...

Anonymous said...

The election is over, votes are tallied, and the YES side prevailed. The bigots of America are most likely in celebration right now. :(

Anonymous said...

I think that the real problem here is that "marriage" is by deffinition a religious concept. This is in direct conflict with the seperation of church and state- you can't give tax breaks to married couples because that is an identity defined by religion, much the same way I wouldn't support school vouchers because many private schools are religiously affiliated. It makes me sad that I cannot get married as a gay man, but I understand that this is a flawed concept from the start. If I want to get married, that is in no way an issue of the state. So vote yes or no on proposition 8? I don't even know where to begin. Let's let the supreme court decided that the deffinition of marriage needs to be removed from the US governmental lexicon, no?
Okay, off my soap box. Love the work, Hum! ;)

Anonymous said...

Actually...Cyl and Keric CAN get married! Cause they live in Huminia, not the United States lol XP

Anonymous said...

Yay for the fact that it is going to court over- I'm not entirely sure what the reasons are over- I heard two stories so far, but it seems so unjust, considering the fact that they lied in the campaign ads.

Anonymous said...

I hope the backlash against the mormon church keeps going strong...I think they supported this so much to try to cover up their own churches YEARS of polygamy.

DayDreamer said...

to say you where good would be an understatement

your work is amazing
how did you get so good with photoshop

man your my hero

Symplied said...

Yeah, they can't tell you who you have to marry. That's our own rights. Banning is what they called freedom? Ew....

Anyway, it's good to see Keric returns. I missed him a lot^^!

Anonymous said...

I thing the gay marriage can settle the things between parters. No just when you are in the hospital, but in the case of death of one. Sometimes the family of the deceased strip off all the properties of the partner.

Anonymous said...

Well, this bitch passed. Any other states where gay marriage is legal?

Unknown said...

keep c all this post i also wan do with someone le lor

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