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December 2, 2008

Flash Gifts Available for Purchase

Hello all! :D Remember my little Tips Jar Flash Gifts? They are now available for purchase :) With the help of a friend, I'm now selling the Flash Gifts online :D

Studio Rai29

Studio Rai29 is a startup studio that is helping me selling the Flash Gifts for all of you to enjoy~ :D The Flash Gifts are all available for the same price of $10 :) After you've paid for the Flash Gift, they'll send it to your email :D

You can get the previous Flash Gifts there as well as the latest ones :D

April 2008 Tips Jar Flash Gift May 2008 Tips Jar Flash Gift June 2008 Tips Jar Flash Gift


Anonymous said...

Arus tentacles!

JC said...

I admire your work so much dude! You entrepreneur you! What an awesome idea! I predict the first gay erotic video game will be created by you.

Anonymous said...

I want to buy one but your friend doesn't take MasterCard!

humbuged said...

Hello Anon :) AlertPay accepts Mastercard, Visa and American Express :D

Anonymous said...

Is buying the flashes av liable only through Mastercard, Visa and American Express? Because I have Switch/Maestro which isn't listed?

musicpro20 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

is there any way we could pay by money order??? I REALLY wanna buy some of those games.

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