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January 2, 2009

January 2009 Calendar, Keric

*Ahem* Woo, I'm back from December 25th! XD Thanks to my trusty Time Machine. Now in the present, I have another...present! Haha!

Here is a calendar for January 2009! I know it's a day or two late but, please download the wallpaper versions and share with your friends if you'd like :)

1280x800 Wallpaper

1280x1024 Wallpaper here

There's also an A4 high quality version if you wish to print out the calendar, here


Anonymous said...

Happy new year! Thanks for the calendar; it's great :D

Anonymous said...

I didnt think keric had a hairy crotch

Anonymous said...

Who needs firemen when we've got YOUR guys? :-) [sigh] Could Keric be any more perfect? So, does this mean you plan a calendar page each month?

SkillShot said...

Pretty...But I like the 'blonde' haired one. Not that not he'hot. . . .. . .

Studio Rai29 said...

Happy new year, Hum! From me and Rai-kun, your friends over at Studio Rai29! :D

Anonymous said...

wow instantly got a hardon when i saw keric, so hot

Anonymous said...

wow instantly got a hardon when i saw keric, so hot

Anonymous said...

hi! this is tofukious on DA, im so inlove with keric. like if ever i see a perfect keric look-a-like in person, ill ask him to marry me. i love you hum ;)

Anonymous said...

I like this
but i think it you should maybe incorporate some part or event of the month in the page
like in this one i would have liked its if he was also wearing a scarf
and for feb you would see Cyl giving kerick chocolate, or something else ;)
and such

oh and i love the new layout

Anonymous said...

Will you draw the other months?

humbuged said...

Yes, there will be new calendars each month :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Hum, Can we get a 1280x800 Version Without the Calender? for each month, oh and... i request XERUDE next month :D

Anonymous said...

Humbuged, I'll wait the next month! *_*

RealEmotionX said...

For those of us with huge monitors, 1600 x 1280 versions would be LOVED. I would put it on my laptop, but this is used in my classes, and I dont expect my teachers would appreciate it as much as I do.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, thanks. That'll show me to not check here more frequently though.

Unknown said...

Hey... i want you opinnion about my version... could u add me on messenger?
thx Humbuged

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