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April 7, 2009

April 2009 Calendar, Isen & Isel

It's April! What a month. April Fools' Day was fun wasn't it? Especially when YouTube flipped all the videos! So sorry that this month's calendar was a little make up for it, here's TWO boys for ya! It's the twins, Isen & Isel Ishandre. Yes, they finally have a last name! BTW, Isel is the one with the eye patch. Don't they look cute with those underwears? Hehe :)

1280x800 Wallpaper

1280x1024 Wallpaper

There's also an A4 high quality version


Anonymous said...

Freakin Sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see more of these two! Very nicely done!

Anonymous said...


2Dum2Kno said...

i knew it would look good XD


DiamondDust said...

The twins return! Yay! Thanks Hummy ~ :D <3

G the Great said...

Very nice work. I like the white motif.
As impatient as yer crowd might be, you never fail to please. Cheers on a job well done.

arconnors said...

i have loved the twins ever since i first saw them! please give us more of them! i'm hoping maybe keric can meet them out sometime and... you know?

Markoose said...

Yay!!!! Good work Hum, ive been looking forward to this for... well... seven days now, haha... and im not dissapointed, this was woth the wait :) Well done !

KawKun said...

I LUV THE TWINS! you should do moar of them~

so so so hot~
I wonder who will be on May`s page!
(my month)

Ur works always make my day hum~ UR GREAT!
*luvs and squeezes*

Anonymous said...

Hot! You should do more with them!

Anonymous said...

Mmm my birthday is in April. Great choice.

Dave said...

Ah...the year of the Hum...I am LOVING it!

Anonymous said...

May... Maybe I'll be RAI!?!?!?!?!
Anyway, thanks for the nice work, Hum!

Anonymous said...

lol super hot and they grew up lol

Anonymous said...

Yay, more twins!

They need more exposure to the world, people love 'em (:

Inferno said...

This calendar keeps getting better and better.

Also: Best birthday present ever, in my opinion. (Also an April baby.)

Daiichi said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! I love them.

I think they're hottest twin. I like him so much (But no more than Keric-san ^_^)

Isen & Isel.... I don't know their name before. (Isen Isel Isen Isel Isen Isel .... Oh!)

April so hot. Twin so ho.
Thank you very much Hum.

Dean Star said...

Very nice, using this all April long XD

Alex said...

Are they both bottoms? I'd love to see a bottom-friendly flash game with them :) they've got pretty cute lookin' butts.

Souleater said...

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Filipe M. said...

man, i've just discovered your work and i'm really impressed

it's the coolest, beautifulest (and naughtiest) thing ever!

Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for drawing a hot guy... how bout' kamina from gurren lagann? He's hot

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