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June 3, 2009

Keric by the Pool

This is an old work. Some of you might have seen this when playing The Humshop Grand Opening flash.

Here's Keric after a swim in the pool! Ah, Cyl, looks like you caught a photo of Keric just as he's coming out of the pool ;)


Dru=] said...

haha I did see this.
hmmm.... I wonder what was keric's reaction to the picture taken ehh?? haha :D

Anonymous said...

Really hot!
I remember when I saw this pic a few months ago...
I think CLY took this picture and then...who knows? ;D

Anonymous said...

Very hawt... Or is it cool?

Anonymous said...

hey hum! isn't there a furry you made a long while back? a blue panda i think? how come he isn't showing up in your works? he looked cute! hope you bring him back! (oh and you should do more pool pics of the boys) love your work!

Anonymous said...

And we're still waiting for keric's complex 3 !!! Any news soon ?

TEDRI said...

how 'bout losing the suit? :)

FMX said...

Always love your flash files.

InfinityX.Curse said...

I wish you coul make a video... with Keric and Cyl together in a room... not just a short video... but like a movie.... I would definityly watch it... Hes so handsome...

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