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July 3, 2009

"Naughty Mancats" HumOekaki Contest

Hello everyone :) Tezthemanguar is having a contest! And HUMoekaki will be hosting the event (sort of haha). It's a oekaki drawing contest.

One first-place winner: $15.00 U.S. Dollars Cash.
One second-place winner: $10.00 U.S. Dollars Cash.
One third-place winner: $5.00 U.S. Dollars Cash.

- Explicit sexual situation (sucking, fucking, 69ing, cumming...) with a pairing listed below.
- All entries submitted must be in color. Solid backgrounds are permitted.
- If there are less than 10 entries by the deadline, the contest will be canceled

- Use the HumOekaki.
- Follow the Y!Gal TOS.
- Have a valid PayPal account (to claim your prize).
- Post your entry on Y!Gal, on Club Homotheria: .
- Submit as many works as you like!

Entry deadline: August 31, 2009.
I will choose ten (10) finalists.
Y!Gal users will vote for the winner.

1) Tez (seme) x Nuki (uke)
2) Tez (seme) x Neko (uke)
3) Tez (seme) x Cinox (uke)
4) Cinox (seme) x Neko (uke)
5) Nuki (seme) x Cinox (uke)

For more info on how to draw the characters, read the official announcement.


Enichi said...

Sounds like a cheap scam to get a ton of commissions.

Count me out.

I<3Xerude said...

Umm... the "Meet The Mancats" Chapter 2 story link is... broken? :( I don't know what colors they are now -____-

Anonymous said...

Uhh... Enichi, Thats what an art contest is. XDD

Enichi said...

Well jeez, I'll need to remember that in the future. Instead of paying $50 for one artist to give me a sketch, pay $30 total and get a bunch of people to draw the five pairings I find acceptable, in color, and run off with the works if there aren't enough applicants. Bravo, really.

Anonymous said...

If the artist charges more than the prizes given they arn't going to enter the contest durr hurrr

humbuged said...

I'm sure this is only for fun as the HUMoekaki is usually for doodles and sketches :) Everyone is welcomed to try :)

Anonymous said...

Id draw something. but I was PermaBanned from Y!, and I also don't have a PayPal account.

So... meh. ;-;

Anonymous said...

So have the skeptics commenting even looked at dear Humbugged's artwork? If anyone thinks he's trying to scam people out of art, you're delusional and/or jealous of his talent to think he needs to do that!

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