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August 27, 2009

Cyl's HUMPhone™ Pics

I was gonna hide these pics somewhere but things didn't work out XD Hehe, so here you go everyone! A naked version and messy version for those of you who found Cyl's HUMPhone™ pics in Keric's Komplex Chapter 3 :)

Underwear version @ Guys With Iphones.


icy said...

why the pics showing "403 forbidden" error message? @o@

Anonymous said...

Wow, really hot. The underwear version (from KK3) was so hot too. Great job on these.

DiamondDust said...

Yummy Cyl. <3

WTJohn said...


Anonymous said...

cyl is to hot ...

Anonymous said...

im getting a "forbidden" error message on the two pictures?
any chance to fix this?
cyl messy -> must see!

Anonymous said...

Yeeeeah Cyl :D nice "pics" héhé

Anonymous said...

okay hum i've got something for you, I challanged my ex to take a picture of himself like Cyl up there, no undies on, and see if he could get it almost exactly, they've got alomst the same body type but my ex doesn't have the same muscle tone. He used to do modeling a while back and I want to share with you and see what you think, if you are interested hit me up

Anonymous said...

Mind if I take a look, blofeld0? Could'ya show me through hotmail? Please XD

Anonymous said...

nuh-uh, this is for hum only, think of it as me and my ex rewarding him for his amazing art

Anonymous said...

do something about Dragonball, maybe between Goku and veggie, or only Goky! please!

Anonymous said...

really great job, dude

(i miss xerude...)

DJ Korina said...

8-) woot!

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