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October 24, 2009

Shake Butt, Keric

This was done to commemorate 1,000,000 hits on my y!Gallery page :) I started out there years ago, so this is a thank you to everyone who have visited my page and enjoyed my works :) Thank you everyone! Here's Keric, offering his butt for you to tap, hehe!

Shake Butt, Keric

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Unknown said...

tushie-shaker :3

Leon Yabuki said...

Its Funny and Sexy XDDDDD

IDEO Thinker said...

Wha ha ha ha!

Very fun

Thanks for this.

Gago said...

It's really sexy and original as always.

Shake shake shake, Shake shake shake,
Shake your buttie, shake your buttie... XD

Unknown said...

how to draw keric or another???use wat system to draw ???Can some one tell me??

DJ Korina said...

no thank you

Unknown said...

I Growl It

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