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November 15, 2009

Job-A-Draw Contest

Event time! What's that sexy hunk's profession? Do you want to doodle the boys from The Humplex? Keric as a school janitor masturbating? Zulf as a security guard in a sexy pose? Or why not use your own character if you have one! :D

To enter the contest, type in "Job-A-Draw: (Name of your character and his profession)" as the title of your drawn submission on the HUMoekaki.

I will choose the top 12 sexiest character. Then there will be a voting! Whoever gets the most vote will have that chosen character redrawn by me. Join in the fun everyone! :)

Closing submission date: November 30th 2009
Voting date: December 2nd - December 8th 2009

*Please follow the HUMoekaki rules when submitting your drawing :)


Unknown said...

e.e as soon as im ready to sleep a event ><" screw, it time to drink some coffee :3

Tre said...

If may I ask, but how you draw like that? I mean, what is your technique?

Unknown said...

hmm...first get a pervered though, and draw :D here's a checklist that will help you ;D

-bushy eyebrowns [_]
-muscled body :D [_]
-killer smile [_]
-decent buldge [_]
-a little fur/ chest hair. [_]

try to keep those in mind, i know im leaving out alot, but i got work no time to stay and be a perv o.o"

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