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December 7, 2009

Job-A-Draw Contest 2009 Champion Karu

The results are in! Who's the winner of the 2009 Job-A-Draw Contest?

Congratulations to Karu with the entry Karu, Policeman hunk!

Job-A-Draw Contest 2009 Champion Karu

Thank you and a big round of applause to all who participated in this hunky contest! :D

Results for the Top 12 Job-A-Draw hunks

*I'll compile a list of all the submissions here when I manage to upload them :)


Zulf´s Boy said...

Super-Awesome the drawings

Congratulations for evebody :D

Unknown said...

Good luck to the finalists!

I'll admit, though I was really hoping Janus's character Dean would have made it in, as his was probably my favorite out of every one of the entries. Something about the mixture of naughtiness with that cute, innocent smile. (Granted, I'm a little disappointed I didn't make the cut either, but honestly I didn't expect to with all the awesomeness that was pouring in.)

JamTheCat said...

Very nice selection. Good work, everybody!

Anonymous said...

the mechanic because of the armpits...


Jams* said...

YAY i hope the policeman wins! ^_~

Rocket said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karulox said...

Thankyou so much :D who all the people that voted for me :) im so happy and thankyou humbuged :D

Rocket said...

Grats to everyone, especially Karu! there was some great stuff in there.

the immigayrant said...

How can I see the remaining 11 finalists?

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