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May 9, 2010

The Humplex is 3 Years Young!

Wow, has it been 3 years since The Humplex first started? :D On May 7th, we celebrated our 3rd year as a Humfamily :B There were lots of hunks and fun things Keric sitting on a big meaty dick, haha :D

More things are cumming in the future at The Humplex! :D Looking forward to the journey with all of you :)


Branchlaw said...

Happy Birthday Humplex!

I look forward to more Xerude.

rainbow rabbit said...

That's great.

Unknown said...

Hello Hum. For almost 2 years and a half I've been an super duper avid fan of your works. I thank you for sharing it to us. I personally like Keric HEHEHE.

Hope you can do a flash game wherein Keric is being fucked, like that, on that picture above HAHA.

looking forward to that.


Unknown said...

ah! come on hummy, next time you do keric ,make sure he isn't wearing underwear ;)
btw, I love your art dude

Raikon Krislex said...

reallyy !! happy birthday humplex :D im being your fan since only 1 year hehe and i really love your pics. congrats ^^

Unknown said...

i can rest in peace just by watching and playing humplex =]] u have made an incredible wonderful job, i love u! :x:x ^^
Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

happy b day humplex ^^ i look foward to everythin' nude lol.

Snow... said...

Happy birthday humplex! I've been with you since...the day you posted up that hairy picture of wolverine masturbating =D
I love your work, and hope to see more of Xerude and the twins ;)

B0umbi said...

cool, happy birthday!
i can't wait to see what's coming up next...

Unknown said...

Aaaww! I hope that I can ride Xerude like that! X
Hope that's not Xerude humpin' him XD

fuzzbuzz said...

Mega hairy muscle Happy Birthday hugs, Humplex.
Fuckin WOOOF

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