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February 15, 2011

Your Most Popular 2010 Monthly Manful (Poll)

Hey everyone! It's time to vote for your most popular Monthly Manful. Who's got the best personality? The best look? The best cock? The best everything! Who's your favorite?

Post a comment and tell us about your most favorite Monthly Manful! :)


DEVILMAN said...

Luthan is deffinelty my number 1 hes soo perfect!!!!!
But Draedev is pretty close and Xerude o_o

Anonymous said...

They are all hot but Xerude is the hotest.

Unknown said...

The cowboy!!!

TailsWorld1 said...

Aww man this is a tough choice!
My favorite would have to be sexy and hot Firefighter Draedev <3 Though Xerude and Luthan VERY close behind.

Deezee said...

Luthan is definitely the best! I wish I had a hunky teacher like him in college <3

Anonymous said...

Damn, it's hard to say. Draedev, Volhsen and Xerude are definitely my faves, but I dunno who to pick, haha. I ended up voting for Drae 'cause he needs more luv, but I love the other two just as much... <3

Raz said...

As I said it before, Draedev has an awesome body and his haircut, his keen glaze, and his small chin beard are just mesmeric and make him too tempting to ignore.I don´t understand why he has gotten so few votes from you, dudes. Then, if you think like me please vote for Drae,the firefighter who surely can put out your inner fire and satisfy your most intense desires for him!

Anonymous said...

I hope Volhsen wins! That cowboy sure is sexy!

Anonymous said...

Redd (The Coach) really, really turns me on. I especially love his special bed ending: hot, hot, HOT! Despite that I voted for Vohlsen (The Cowboy) -- he has everything! Cute, timid, he kind of feels uneasy at first, but at least he's not cocky like most of the others. He has the complete package in my opinion (or mainly because I think he looks like Ennis from Brokeback Mountain, I dunno). His bed ending is also quite delicious if you ask me.

Ara-Narashi said...

Xerude is the best,,,,hihihi
wish more xerude flash game...huh

FeatherSanctuary said...

Aw~~ Why doesn't anyone like Kaylor? He's my fav! I think his was the cutest situation of all of them!! Seemed like he was the most genuinely nice (without looking to get into someone's pants).

I agree that Xerude was/is the hottest as usual... Though I like him as a pizza delivery guy better lol.

Karulox said...

I love al ot the nurse i thhink he is a hot guy and cute indeed :P Kayler ♥

but i like a lot too the teacher Luthan

Mint Roxanne JeanneMARY said...

I really love Luthan,Leydro and Xerude!!!

Emlox said...

OMG! I know it's already colsed, but I really love Jorrim the pirate >w<

Rh said...

Hey, I can't see the results now? It says that in the supposed poll " refused to connect"

Btw I go for Volhsen and Luthan :>

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