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June 25, 2011

Mason Wyler 2009 (Commission)

Hello everyone! :)

These were done for hottie Mason Wyler at the end of 2009, based on a short story of his. Perhaps you've seen his movies? XD

The theme for the set might be a shocker for some~, be warned! XD The rest of the pics are after the jump. :D


K-Nova said...

These are wonderful! I like how nasty they are. ;) They work wonderfully together as a series too. Well done and thanks for sharing with all of us as well.

Anonymous said...

I love it by friend. They are all hot and sexy. Love the one where he is scared seeing all those delicious cocks. I also love the one with the double penetration. Keep up the good work!

MaxHedrm said...

Isn't that just a normal night out for Mason? ;^) You captured his sexy, adorable face really well. Very hot.

DJ Korina said...

i feel i want to save him o_o

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