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December 1, 2011

Cam Gigandet Masturbated by Magic Gloves (Commission)

The story is, Cam's out running. He stumbles onto a box with "Magic Gloves" written on it. Curious, Cam opens the box. The rest you can figure out for yourselves.

These are really naughty magic gloves btw, haha!

Messy version

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Unknown said...

Very naughty gloves. Just needs one more for a finger.

SEELE 1 said...

Hmmm... I wonder how he wenk back home with his clothes torn apart like that...

Antonio said...

Is this a comic that can be bought?

humbuged said...

It's just two illustrations, not a comic. :)

bbb said...

i'd like to have blow job with his simbol

hib said...

Id like to play Monthly Manful "Santa Claus".

alyster0666 said...

Where can I get those gloves? And his number...

red_eye said...


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CannzZ said...

Hey, I love your work <33 !

can you make a masturbation game with Roronoa Zoro ?
when you have time to make this then I love you more then ever :DD

Best Regards

Arion said...

Looks great, and very erotic.

I wish I could draw like that (my pages always look too serious).

If you want to check out my work please visit my blog:

bb said...


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