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February 5, 2012

Artist Aware (Kfutaba)

Hello everyone! I have a new artist to feature in this post. :) Kfutaba hails from Japan and is very good at drawing hunky muscle studs. He uses the cel-style coloring like those in Japanese animations (Anime). I love how he paints the dicks realistically too. :D

Monster Hunter hunks having a gangbang of a time!

You'd drool too if this hunk gave you his rod to play with. ;)

Mmm, android cum! These guys are from the Capcom game, Sengoku Basara.

Reading naughty comics, a favorite pastime.

That's what I call doggie-style. Or is it wolfie-style? Hehe!

This is the cover for Kfutaba's Monster Hunter doujinshi! Here's a tutorial on how to buy from

Sample pages from Kfutaba's Monster Hunter doujinshi.

More of Kfutaba's art at Pixivy!Gallery and Fur Affinity.

1 comment :

Finz said...

Hum thanks so much for this. I only wish I hadn't already known about this incredible artist. Haven't seen anything new from him lately which is a huge shame, he's so talented.

Hope you make Artist Aware a regular thing, maybe even every other week or at least monthly.

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