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September 1, 2012

Manful: The Mailman

Manful: The Mailman
Price: USD$9.99
Buy Now at Studio Rai29
Desperate to find the hot endings? Get the Top Secret Walkthrough Guide Manful: The Mailman ebook.

Ilam, the Mailman kinda lost his way. Will you help the hunky man out?

- Chat simulation
- Music
- Different underwear
- Multiple endings (some interactive)
- User Guide (PDF format)
- Fullscreen mode

What are the payment methods?


sbooc said...

After the response was so positive to my last idea suggestions, I still have a few more:

How about a game with

an artist
a hairdresser
a barber
a massage therapist
a chimney sweep
a beach guy
a karate student
a photographer
a model (life drawing or photography)
an elf
an orc
a refuse collector
a biker
an ambulance
a trucker
a crossing guard
a traffic cop
a scout
A Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer
a bartender
a golfer
a caddy
a waiter
a fantasy hero
a mummy
a zombie
a volleyball player
a fisherman
a vagabond
a hitchhiker
a hermit
a spy / secret agent
an assassin
a serial killer ^ ^
a groom
a chauffeur
a motorman
the President
the Pope
a ninja
a samurai
a Russian
a lumberjack
a hunter
a polo player
A kick boxer
a librarian
a hippie
a traveler
a tourist
a bowling club
a pal / buddy
a miner
a gambler
a casino staff
a poker player
a moderator
one Millionair
a playboy
a rastafarian
a baker
a street musician
a neighbor (suburb or apartment)
a neighbor's son
a computer specialist
a gamer
a call service
a secretary / assistant
a poacher
a viking
a Hun
a Roman soldier
a sex shop staff
a singer
a guitarist
a band
a pianist
a conductor
a referee
a jogger
a job interview
an actor
a porn star
a mad scientist
an angel
a demon
a gentleman
an Englishman
a Scotsman
an Irishman
a Swede
an Australian
a valet
a mountaineer
a robot
a time traveler
a man from the future
a steampunk guy
a bicycle athletes
a car racer
a jockey
one archaeologist
a museum director
a boxer
a Boss
a journalist
a dictator
a ski instructor
a djinn
the Easter Bunny
Santa Claus
a ghost
a trainee
a bank employee
an Indian prince
a rugby player
a bus driver
a god
a botanist
a municipal council
a monk
an immigrant
a disco dancer
a merman
a prisoner
a psychiatrist
a mentalist / medium
a master thief
a bagger / packer
a dandy
a count
a milkman
a iceman
a cashier
a package of services
a pizza boy
a gas station attendant
a dog trainer
a politician
a Jew
a Mormon
a groundskeeper
a fast food vendor (vmaybe McBurger);-)
a male cheerleader
a mascot
a sports swimmer
a fitness trainer
a bodybuilder
a bodyguard
a bellhop
a painter
a Musketeer
an altar boy

Anonymous said...

sbooc, plz

Bus Driver
Crossing Guard
The Twins
Lawn Gnome
Vacuum Salesmen
Underwear Model
Lion Tamer
Jazz player
Native American
Dog Walker
Movie Extra
Studio Rai29 mascot
Flight Attendant
Ancient Hawaiian warrior
Escape Artist
Street Performer
Bull Rider
Drug smuggler
Flash animator
Gilligan the
Skipper too
The Millionaire
his wife
the movie star,
professor and
mary ann
here on
Gilligan's island

Mokou Fujiwara said...

can't wait for October's Manful XD
is there? O_O

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