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December 5, 2013

Manful: The Attorney

Manful: The Attorney
Price: USD$9.99Buy Now at Studio Rai29
Desperate to find the hot endings? Get the Top Secret Walkthrough Guide Manful: The Attorney ebook.

Dayn, the Attorney is the man to look for if your troubles are big and hard.

- Chat simulation
- Music
- Different underwear
- Multiple endings (some interactive)
- User Guide (PDF format)
- Fullscreen mode

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EtherealKnight said...

kinda reminds me of the Bouncer

Unknown said...

Oh please, make a Pizza Delivery Guy character, please, oh please!

x man said...

make a young santa clous pleaaase ! :3

Mr. Brown Bear said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr. Brown Bear said...

Have you thought about improving this games by adding new features like a customizable character to play with the stud of the month? I would wait even 3 months per MM just to have a better experience.

PT said...

I love how he fills out that tank top. Sexy artwork in this game.

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