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September 26, 2014

Hunkamation #1 (Zulf Sucks a Big One)

Zulf is doing fine taking all of that big dick in his mouth. :B

What's a Hunkamation?
A naughty scene to get you cumming long and hard, repeatedly!

How to enjoy a Hunkamation?
- Bring it with you anywhere on your mobile devices.
- Hook up your computer to your HDTV and watch it on a bigger screen.

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Regular sized scene 500 x 500 pixels (.gif)

Regular sized scene 500 x 500 pixels (.gif)

Big sized scene 720 x 720 pixels (.gif)

HD Movie file (.mp4)

Regular sized scene 500 x 500 pixels (.gif)

Big sized scene 720 x 720 pixels (.gif)

HD Movie file (.mp4)

Flash file (.swf)

Scene frames (.png)

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Anonymous said...

That's dumb

Unknown said...

I love it!! :)

Gardevoira said...

Yay! I love this and all the manfuls you do for us and I love that you finally brought the Furries back (all your Furries are my personal fave characters) :D

Lexxang said...

Dont know if this is a repeated post as my browser crashed last time I tried to post
but is this an image/animation pack? (if so, only furries or humans too?) is this to buy a bigger animation that is just a preview of? or just higher quality versions of this animation?

or finally, this animation only with different custom characters?

humbuged said...

Hi Lex, it's just like animation scene above. You get bigger HD versions of the scene. :)

Lexxang said...

thank you

Unknown said...

Credit card only? That's a pity.

Unknown said...

I love to watch this. I'd rather have the big one in my mouth

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