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November 3, 2014

Manful: The Ice Carver

Manful: The Ice Carver
Price: USD$9.99Buy Now at Studio Rai29
Desperate to find the hot endings?

Get the Top Secret Walkthrough Guide Manful: The Ice Carver ebook.

Kristan the Ice Carver has been hard at work in the cold for hours. How about warming him up a bit?

- Chat simulation
- Music
- Different underwear
- Multiple endings (some interactive)
- User Guide (PDF format)
- Fullscreen mode

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Flower_Marlin said...

Well that's totally Kristoff from Frozen! Great job anyways. ;)

Unknown said...

That sure is Kristoff. Man I love you big butt :)

cutemuscle said...

Looks like it. See mine,

Unknown said...

Oh hey! XD That's Kristoff! XD Love it.

matias caceres said...

He's not Kristoff, morons

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