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December 14, 2015

Manful: The Biker

Manful: The Biker
Price: USD$9.99Buy Now at Studio Rai29

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Baqeer, the Biker looks good in leather, right? ;)

- Chat simulation
- Music
- Different underwear
- Multiple endings (some interactive)
- User Guide (PDF format)
- Fullscreen mode

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Ryu Lee said...

people are starting to loose interested of your game. I don't know why but I know it's stupid that people said that your drawing is not good or something that people said, the price (maybe), and other stupid things that people said. They all are haters and most of them think all you want is money or something. Keep up the good work and they all look hot as hell. X3 perr... Don't let all the haters stop you.

Unknown said...

I'm a fan of humbug art, but I think the claims of the drop in quality are not that stupid. I know the apreciation of the lineart can differ, personally I preffer the old sketchy work like in the firefigther and the nurse, and not the round edges on the last manfuls. I have the runner, and can say that the lineart on the endings show some lack of attention to detail compared to the previous ones. Not spreading hate, just saying that even tough the coloring is great, there's room for improvement in the lines.

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