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July 12, 2020

Cyl's Face Cream

Cyl's skincare routine. XD

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1 comment :

Jay said...

You have no idea how much I miss your content. Especially your games. I know on this site you said things would slow down for a while but it's been years and you guys haven't given us a single update to my knowledge at least on when you'll finally be back. Is it a money problem? A lack of free time? Because fans might be willing to help but you need to communicate with us so we know what's going on. I love all your content but your games are the reason I signed up to get notified everytime you post something and while I love your art especially of Cyl becuase I have a major crush on him I really wanna see what else besides just art you guys are up to now. And considering your art has only gotten better and better it makes me more curious as to how you'd handle your games now. Hoping the teams behinf both the art and the games are doing ok and that we get some kind of update soon.

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