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September 17, 2020

Submit Your Art Prompt (September 2020)

Submit Your Art Prompt time!
Ends: Sunday 20th Sep 2020.
Terms: No shota/gory/scat, females will be gender-swapped.
Submission template:

Character: Xerude
Situation: Sucked outdoors by Side-character*.

*Side-character might not be drawn, hehe.

You can submit by commenting here, or over at Twitter. :D

Happy #suggest-ing! :D


Tes said...

Character: Zulf and Toraz
Situation: Getting plowed by their fellow Hum-elves

Drudo said...

Character: Zeoh and Xerude
Situation: Zeoh getting barebacked doggystyle by Xerude

Waghran said...

Character: Xerude
Situation: Riding side-character with a huge cock for a live porn stream

ultimatecrystalpeach said...

character: Xerude and cyl
situation: having his armpit licked by cyl

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