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May 15, 2024

Captured by Trolls

In a kingdom troubled by escaped monsters from a mad wizard's laboratory, Sir Vastahl, a brave and skilled knight, is tasked with catching or destroying these dangerous creatures. On his quest, Vastahl finds a group of trolls hiding in a remote cave. He engages them, but Vastahl is taken over by the trolls' lust-inducing pheromones, a side effect of the wizard's experiments to amass a troll army. Vastahl loses focus, and the trolls overwhelm him. Stripped of his armor and clothes, Vastahl is lying on his back, legs open, wearing only a loincloth. Vastahl curses his fate and hopes his secret vice won't get exposed; he gets aroused when facing powerful enemies.


I tried a lot of lettering styles here and I also changed the knight into an elf. What do you think about the short accompanying story? XD

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