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May 22, 2007

Comic Style

Here's 2 pics that are done in a comic pinup kind of way. Many firsts here. First time I drew a centaur horse & an orc. And a try with draing backgrounds...sort of :P

Keric & Cyl at the beach

Centaur horse gets plowed by an orc!


Mad Dog said...

Can we see some more of that dirty, naughty orc in the future? }:3

Anonymous said...

The expression on Keric's face there is just priceless. x3

And orcs! I <3 orcs. Can never have too many of those!

Anonymous said...

Yummeh love. Keric and Cyl are so perfect together. :o <3

Anonymous said...

Haha! Gotta love Keric and Cyl :P :3

I'm still waiting for Keric's Complex Part 3! Haha! Waiting forever ^^

Anonymous said...

o man....if only i was a cartoon too!!! XP

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