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May 22, 2007

Centaur War Cry!

I always guys on horses...even centaurs :) This is the "naked" version of him. I have one where he's wearing armor but I just suck at armor design...even weapons for that matter. Ah, well it was still fun to draw him. The centaurs are on a warpath! Hide the men! ;)

Armored version here


Unknown said...

I don't know about taking wives, but I'd love to see him make one of their men his bitch! =)

dreamerboy6 said...

Omg, you do NOT suck at armor design! O_o

Anonymous said...

wat are you talking about?! are you crazy?! that armor was AMAZING!!!! :D

Unknown said...

U know, this guy should have a giant human dick (with balls that reach the 'V' shape just above his hose pecs) below his abs along with a humongous (by horse standards) dick and big balls between his hind legs. A centaur with 2 humongous dicks and 2 pairs of big balls, talk about a cum-factory! Drool.. I'm wishing with all my might!

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