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May 21, 2007

Monkey Attack!

Ok I drew a monkey boy. And then I kept drawing him and drawing him lol. He's kinda fun to draw. Looks like Son Goku (of Journey to the West fame). I just like the design I guess. There's also a Flash animation of monkey boy sucking here

Monkey swings!

Force Fed

Monkey Butt

Big Monkey Bro


Anonymous said...

Ok I'll admit it... two of those pictures made me hard. *blush* Hummy I have a wicked idea for you. Imagine if the monkey was using his tail to play with his ass while he was fantasizing... I think that would be wicked hot.

What is the name of the condition when you are addicted to someone's art? I hope there isn't a cure.

Anonymous said...

Much love to you and your monkeys. Really love the design.

Unknown said...

mmmrr monkeycest..

Where's the burly dad!? hehee

Anonymous said...

jeffy: hahai actually have a pic like that done already :D but i haven't colored it :P

demonfruit: thnx!

grisser: lol i haven't thought about that. maybe soon ;)

Anonymous said...

Oooh ~ I like Big Monkey Bro the best. :3 I thought the first few looked like Goku too. :o Monkeys!!! >w<

Anonymous said...

the link on monkey boy doesn't work sad

FCD said...

I'm just letting you know, again, sorry, the link is broken... repost?

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