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May 29, 2007

A Monkey, a Demon Hunter & Twins

Hello, the weddings are still days away but I still have time to draw some smut ;) Here's a little bit of the pics that I've done for the past few days. There's one with Monkey boy and his new friend Foxy. There's also a picture of the every stylish and handsome demon hunter from Devil May Cry, Dante in his new clothes for the 4th game (well he ain't wearing much...). Then there's a picture of the twins sharing a "meal" ;)

Hope you guys enjoy!

Monkey Boy & Foxy

Dante from Devil May Cry (Messy version here)

Twins: Sharing A Meal (Messy version here)


Anonymous said...

LOL! I´ve loved the whole "Fabel story" on the monkey one! *_*

Dante sure looks hot no matter what clothes or age he´s in! *_* but I´ve always imagine him as top! seeing him "bottoming" was hot too *_*!!!!

and the twims look awesome! *_* twins are always fun! *_* I love them! *_*

Cant wait to see more stuff from you! *_*

Anonymous said...

great, great, great! As always ;) I simply adore your art :)

Anonymous said...

Yummeh!!! The foxy is hot. OwO

Dante is hot no matter what. Thanks for the fan service. <3

I wonder who the twins are eating up??? :o They sure love their milk. :3

Anonymous said...

Cool!You're back! =]

The dante one is incredible.

from I,your brazilian fan number 1.

Sonarix said...

Homanz, you do GOOD. x3 I love how you draw messy and non-messy versions, too. 図がきれいで、ちょっと買いたいんです。

Anonymous said...

Twwwwwiiiiiiiiiinsssssss *_*

Beautiful work as always, thanks for taking the time to share during this busy stretch!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! XD

You just gotta love twins.

The fable of the monkey and the fox. First furry I ever liked.

Anonymous said...

Omg, why are you sooo sooo good at drawing sexy stuff? Please don't ever stop.

Anonymous said...

You Really need to draw Chris Redfield Smut fro Resident Evil. Yummy!Keep Up the good work!

Anonymous said...

It's the vest Dante I've ever seen

Jophess said...

You draw hairy men perfectly. o_o

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