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May 13, 2007

Vaan Summons Addramelech

I saw some really nice FF12 summon arts in y!gallery so I decided to do mine. Funny story, I posted this at y!gallery, it got deleted. I had it in my brain that if people can post summons, I can post mine too. Dumb me didn't realize that Addramelech ain't human LOL!

FF12 summons have sex changes by absoluteblue & valensX93

Messy version here


Anonymous said...

Oh wow...

This is amazing. The colors and the expressions...Vaan *drools*...

Amazing. Simply amazing.


Koryan said...


oddly.. hot as hell. ..>

Anonymous said...

Awesome fan art. Love the lighting. Love Vaan's situation. Haha. ;)

Lastly, love the sketchy style.(^_^)

Szadek from Y!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! That's really hot and nicely drawn! Well done bud!

Anonymous said...

Sooooo hot, it makes me quiver! Vaan is getting reamed!!! The detail in the work is really impressive, you must have spent a long time on it! It's so sad it can't be included on Y.

-ephnat from Y!Gallery

Anonymous said...

Wow,this is really something else!
Well,aside from the amazing hotness,there are a lot of nice details!Like the expressions,the magic effect,and of course the tattoos on Addramelech.And the pose is really good!
Hmm,now that I think about it,I don't have this summon yet...I should go find it!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Just brilliant! I would have never thought of this pairing! Congrats for your imagination! <3 Hot and smexy. What more could a fan ask for? Keep up the good work! :P

Anonymous said...

impressive, really
I didn't play ff12, but now, I just can't wait ^^
what ? there are no sex scenes ?
too baaaaaaaaad !
once again, I'm a huge fan of yours ! that's so unfair : everything you do just moves me (not only DOWNTHERE !! you perv' !)

Anonymous said...

Poor Vaan! XD
Oh well...!
I miss you on Y!
But I think that if a Blog makes you more productive thats even better *_*!
I´ve seen all your work! only unfortunatly I dont always have the time to comment or stuff!

* I´m such an Keric fan! I´ve made a fanart have you seen ?, if you et me I´d love to make some moar! *_*! *

Well anyway, I´ll take my leave! Buh-hye!

Anonymous said...

I came with it by the 6th time just now! >_> This picture is amazing!

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