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June 14, 2007


Finally, everything is back in order :) Haven't been churning out as much stuff as I did when I first started, but I still have a lot to put here. Monkey Boy's gonna have his own flash game soon. Ok, maybe...if I'm up for the challenge.

I still have Keric's Komplex: Chapter 3 on my To Do list. So all you Keric fans don't fret :) I just don't know when I'll actually do it ;) At least for now, enjoy the art that I have for all of you!

Sit Down Monkey Boy!

Xerude Tops



hotcha said...

ahah finally a xerude hardcore drawing. i was beginning to think he was just a big poser. i'm a bit surprised he's on top though

Im said...

As usual, you're awesome... I'm still waiting for monkey boy to use his tail to play with his ass. ;)

dreamerboy6 said...

Wow! They're all so incredible! ^_^ I love monkey boy's nipples in this one! Very hot! You never fail to amaze me!

Anonymous said...

Very great.
I'm surprised to see Xerude as a top.Was'nt he the men who used to play with toys and liked fisting?

Anyway,they're excellent.Specially the monkey boy one. =]

Al said...

AAAAAAUGH *Nosebleeds* MY DREAMS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED! Xerude topping! I'm in love! He's versatile! XD Still can't get over that green body hair.

And the other two are supremely hot, as always. Thanks for sharing, keep up the awesome work.

Anamika said...

Too bad Xerude is mostly bottom, even though he looks awesome doing top.

Mike said...

i heart the random oral picture!

DJ Korina said...

im girl from the future so just shut up okay xD (but im not alien)

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