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June 20, 2007

Horse Convict Punished

Inspired by wetherby. He draws such sexy horses. The cuffs were actually random. Earlier, I forgot to add in his tail :P I still can't quiet draw animal heads that well yet but I'm learning. Animal bodies is even harder for me. Anyway, wonder what he did to earn this punishment...


Kaw Kun said...

Hi! erm... *_*

Humbuged... I would like to ask you humbly, how can i insert this *tip jar* on my own blog... I could really reaise some lil'bucks... and I have no idea how... could you help me >_< ?

humbuged said...

oh, you have to register with paypal. over there, you can make a donation's button and u just copy & paste the script to your blog :)

Kaw Kun said...

Ooooh! thanks for that tip! *_*
thank you very very much!

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