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June 21, 2007

A Manga?

Keric stars in his own manga. Is he the hero or the victim? :P

PS - Do the Japanese sound effects match whats happening in the panel? I have no idea.


Anonymous said...

Japanese sound effects are always hard to do, since there's so many. The "zupuu" sound you have in the first panel is like a slipping, sliding sound. Anything that starts with the "zu" works for penetration :D

The second one, "bikuu" is like throbbing or shaking, I suppose, so it works as well~

I really like this manga format you have here, you should definitely do more~

Anonymous said...

thx tsuki! wouldn't want the sound effects to be weird like birds chirping in the first panel haha

Kaw Kun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kaw Kun said...

Here we kot rapeable keric again!

and the image has page 6 on its name... it was just imagined or did you actually drew another 5 (or more) pages ?

either way thats hot!!! and keric is affraid of cumming or enjoying it?

Cant wait to see more pages,... and more Keric Complex!... if I had ANY flahs ability... i would love to create some random games... but i guess itll have to wait! XD

Anonymous said...

Keric's inside should be the most warm and friendly one in te world. >]

Anonymous said...

Extremly hot. Please post more.
(Though I didn't think anything was too big for Keric. XD. He seems to be wll traveled.)

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