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June 21, 2007

Keric Train Strip (Commission)

Commissioned by Sidious. The setting is on the train like in Keric's Komplex: Chapter 2 and he's getting stripped by the anonymous passengers. I wonder where's Cyl in all of this ;)


Kaw Kun said...

I didnt knew Keric was one of those guys that cries upon Rape *_*, Cyl would be thrilled to be a victim right ? (altough hes more of the rapist type)

Hmmm I cant imagen if Cyl would get jealous, please himself or joining the dudes while watching that scene *_*

And... I have to admit... keric looks cute while being forced *_*
specially while his eyes are all bubbly in tears... it realle makes him all cuddly afterwards... (shhhh its okay know...)

Patrick said...

Hey Humbugged...

Just wanted to say that this image is REALLY hot... but then, ALL your stuff is WICKED!!! I love stopping by daily, and I don't always get the opportunity to comment, but I have to say your work is always beautiful and a real inspiration. Your unique style and amazing coloring really make you stand out in my mind.

I also love Keric and "Arus" (great name -- gets my vote!) the Monkey Boy! He's so damn cute and sexy! :oD

You ROCK, my friend! LOL! Looking forward to seeing more of your awesome stuff.

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Anonymous said...

The way Keric's chest was done.....WOW.

I also want to see Xerude being plowed!by a LOT of guys!I mean a LOT,cruelly!lol that would be so cool..

Anonymous said...

That's very creative and wicked,good job. ^^

dreamerboy6 said...

Phew! I think I'm in love! Sadly, if I were there I'd probably want to be his hero and save him. If only to win his heart and do the same thing to him in private later. XD

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