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July 3, 2007

Sketch of Some Elf Guy In Classic Briefs

Phew, sorry for the lack of updates these few days! Commissions are coming out of the woodworks. I shouldn't complain though 'cause I'm finally getting my Nintendo DS soon ;) Thanks people!

I did a commission for Harperdude5. It's coming along nicely. Had to look for pictures of guys wearing classic white briefs. I enjoyed the research haha.

Although, I didn't actually had to research...but I wanted to :P

Yeah, wierd angle...


Anonymous said...

More than happy to be contributing towards your DS! I came sooooo close last year to being able to somehow justify this kind of research to my professor! Got shot down at the last stage though. I'm gonna try again next semester. I -will- get paid to browse for sexy elves one day!

Anonymous said...

Nice briefs there Mr Random-Elf-Guy. You couldn't resist the brief temptation to draw some pants. LOL. Nice work. As usual. And glad you're able to get your DS! I should be getting mine in at the end of August. ^____^

Unknown said...

try this one :)
Try this one :3

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