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August 16, 2007

Cyl & Keric, The Chase

Cute artworks are pretty hard to draw. Especially if you still want the muscle elves to look...muscley. I think I managed to strike a balance with this one. I especially like Keric's abs! Cyl looks just as cute. I don't know about the speech bubble though. Perhaps I'll make it rounder when I change it to vector.

I was thinking this would work pretty well on a mousepad. Or perhaps another t-shirt? ;)

PS - I'll be away for 2-3 days so I won't be able to get on the net. See you guys soon though!
Yeah, I changed my mind :P Guess you're all stuck here with me, haha...


DrGaellon said...

Awwwwww... I love chibis! They look great!

Mad Dog said...

Another great Keric drawing!

humbuged said...

maddog, gaellon: glad u like!

Anonymous said...

Great drawing! Hope to see more of it. =x

JMNM said...

Make it a mouse pad I would buy it! LOL or maybe put it on one of those one strap backpacks you know XD... so would carry that around >< !

Anonymous said...

windsor: thx :)

ken: hey not a bad idea. who knows :)

Anonymous said...

This is so adorable. I don't think I've ever seen a muscle chibi before, you really pulled it off! I don't feel one bit bad for Keric =D We should all be so lucky to have a gorgeous skater elf like Cyl interested in us!

Anonymous said...

Cute muscle and twink chibis! If you made this a mousepad or shirt I'd buy it for sure. :D

P.S. When is Keric gonna top the shit out of Cyl? :P

White Wabbit said...

I must admit normally Cyl bugs the hell out of me (probably cuz I'm jealous) but here he is so adorable I jus wanna hug him n squeeze him - check dat tiny lil tush ^_^ And Keric's teeny legs are so adorable mMPH

*ahem* and if u were gonna print this on an orange t-shirt - could the orange be more... bright LOL. like neon. like the orange that if it were AN orange you would just think it was the sweetest bitterest orange in the world!!!


I love orange btw.

Wabbit xx

humbuged said...

ephnat: i'd love to get stalked by a cutey like him :)

anonymous: hehe i don't know yet. there has been already one instance where keric roughened cyl up. in the way cyl likes it best of course. but that's a story for another time ;)

wabbit: i dunno man i'm just looking at the shirts that supplies. I hope to put this on an orange shirt though :)

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