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August 20, 2007

Illidan, War of Warcraft (Outlines)

Well the polls are in. Lots of WoW fans coming here to visit, eh? :) I haven't had the chance to play Warcraft games so I dunno much about 'em. I just had to blur his pee pee haha. Something to look forward to when the I finish coloring this picture. This guy jumped out at me though while I was researching characters from the game. He's hawt!

I was looking for other characters besides elves though. Somehow the humans in the warcraft games aren't that yummy. Except for that guy who became the Lich King (forgot his name). He was cute. I was gonna do them both together but that human's armor was too intimidating for me haha. So, you guys are stuck with Illidan. :P

Oh yeah and I'll add his tattoo later when I color him. Expect a messy version to cum with this too (lol pun intended).

Would love to hear from the WoW fans. Take a time of and comment on why you like the game so much and stuff. :)



Anonymous said...

I'm a huge WoW fan, and even though I personally voted for Hotel Dusk art, I'm happy with your decision to do Warcraft art.

Illidan's a popular character to do fanart of, and so is Arthas, (the Lich King) who do have some backstory together.

Most fanart these days seems to be original characters. I recommend looking into the Orcs (I've never seen a Thrall pic!) for buff characters. They're *really* solid. Horde's usually the side to look for, but I'd love to see some Draenei stuff too.

WoW's fun for me mostly because it's great to play both solo and with groups, with lots of things to do. It's not perfect of course, but it is entertaining, and more than a bit addicting, haha.

Thanks for your art as usual, hum. Getting fanart like this is always a treat.

Anonymous said...

I actually named my hunter after your char Xerude,. . he has a pet named Cyl, and Keric. .i need another name for my third pet a giant snake any ideas. .yes..yaoi obsessed. . as for illidan hes cute but id love to seee a lil bloodelf orc action haha or maybe nightelf and taurens super hawt. . . well i ranted too much haha

Anonymous said...

World of Warcraft huh? quite a complex but fun game to get into..if you have the free time to throw into it though.It's a wide range world with alot..I mean alot of story and history too it. (went and read through the history and found it quite interesting)

It's a massive role playing game where you can join players from around the world and do things that would be otherwise impossible.

If group fun is not your cup of tea then it is quite possible to level up and still somewhat enjoy the game, even if you miss out on alot of story.

It's a really addicting game through how many things you can do and odds are you would never run out of things to do and even more so if you enjoy player vs player.

The game also has quite a range of races and classes.The races ranging from common humans to the orcs with many others races in between.

The game does has it's downside but that could be said about most games of this type.The game has a huge player base but...some of the player base is not the most friendly and quite of few people you say it "stupid" to where group play can begin to drag on your nerves.

A very fun game to get into but may sometime or another piss you off but hey where is the good without the bad.

If you ever wanted to learn more the main site is a great place to read up on the game with alot of other things thrown in.The site has fan art,wallpapers,class details and even the lore and history behind alot of things that you would find in the game.

Ps. Druids rock x3 bear power.

Your artwork is getting hotter but that goes without saying since I have always liked your art even from your really early stuff ::grin:: can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Anonymous said...

Wow is kind of fun, I just started playing. The Night elf guys are all packed full of muscle if you take their clothing off too, then they’ve only got little loincloths on. ^_^

White Wabbit said...

Who'd wanna see Arthas nekkid? He's so cringe! I totally agree there aren't many yummy charas unless you're into the orc/animal/dead thing; they either have gross long hair or horrible beards. Or Both. Or 'taches (thinking peasants here). I think for once I find the women more attractive - and that's saying something!

Haven't actually played WoW before, I'm going by my knowledge of Warcraft III + Frozen Throne. Heard stories of people ending up basically living their lives on WoW, and having an addictive personality I don't wanna take the chance and end up like that lol.

But good choice with Illidan though, he looks very 'horny' *ba-dum* Will be ace when it's finished. Bet you could do something pretty hawt with the blood elves too. Elves all the way!!

Wabbit xx

P.s. I voted for Final Fantasy ^-^

Anonymous said...

This piece is incredibly hot. I love how Illidan's cock his bursting from his trousers :9~ Can't wait for the finished version and hopefully a messy version aswell?

Love your art. Keep up the brilliant work.

foxy loxy said...

Hey, just so you know, the Blood Elves are SERIOUSLY hot. You'd approve. Check 'em out.

humbuged said...

tsuki: Hey, I've actually looked into it. I dunno, I guess the pics of the 3d models were too small or something. Something about Orcs just doesn't turn me on that much I guess XD

anonymous: Wow that's cool! Would love to see some screenshots :) I actually thought about drawing taurens too but I couldn't bring myself to commit :P

kouken: Thx! :) I kind of agree that druids look cool and depending on which race, can look really hot. Thx for coming by regularly :D

anonymous: Haha, yes the night elves are handsome. I dunno about the eyes though...

muse : hehe you're right, but I just got way too intimidated after seeing the pictures! haha

wabbit: haha i like arthas' look. his long hair is good to hold on to when you', haha i was once addicted to online gaming. for like a few months i think. it's that silly korean game, Ragnarok Online :P

chris: i luv it too! everytime i plan something i don't know exactly how it'll turn out but this one turned out cool :D makes me want to just reach over and grab his...hehehe

foxy: oh the elves are yummy! it's just something about the eyes that rub me the wrong way...but they're still hot :D

Anonymous said...

My spouse and I are big WOWers ourselves...lots of story, lots to do...the options are nearly limitless! I like your rendition of Illidan's bursting moment. ;)
Looking forward to seeing more of your amazing work, Humbuged.

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

hummy!!!!!!!! just droppin by... keep it up... btw its me nighty...

mountii said...

i want to go to y!gallery but everytime in try i'm redirected to a site telling i have me out dude

humbuged said...

z-maker: Thanks dude! Glad you could join us :D

anonymous/nighty: Lol hi sweety! Don't be shy to post some more comments! I love having you here

mountii: I suggest you get download some softwares to get rid of the spyware then :O There's lots if you Google. Good luck!

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