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August 8, 2007

How To Color Your Muscle Men In OpenCanvas4 : Part 2 - Hair & Clothes

Continued from How To Color Your Muscle Men In OpenCanvas4 : Part 1 - Skin Tones

Ok, next installment of this measly tutorial. Hmm, where did we left of? Oh yes, hair and clothes! Now you've already done the skin colors, open up another layer on top of the skin layer and fill it in with the base color of your choice.

So you want to keep it clean and color within the hair area only? No, problem, just click on the preserve transparency button.

Next, it's time to color! Choose the appropriate shadows for the hair. Tip: If you're too lazy to use the erase tool, press Ctrl + Z to undo your mistakes fast.

Ah, we're all done with the hair! Now it's time to fill in some colors for the clothes. Make another layer. Set it on top of your skin layer, and do what you did for the hair layer. Fill in the base color -> Use the preserve transparency button -> Color the shadows within the area.

Ah, the picture looks empty? Then lets add some color to the background. Make another layer, and set it at the very bottom. Fill in the colors that you like. I chose a greyish thingy...While I was at it, I also tweaked the skin tones by adding more darker shadows.

After all that, why not put in some bright highlights? Open another layer and set the layer to "Addition". I don't know exactly how it works but it just makes these really bright highlights when you color in the layer. Something like the Dodge tool in Photoshop I think. Choose a light color. It works best. I chose a pale yellow.

After you've added the highlights, I though of tweaking the colors a bit more. So I added some purples in the shadow area.

Not enough, I wanted to make it more purpley, so I flattened the layers (In the layers pallette, Edit -> Merge Visible) then I played around with the Gamma sliders (FIlter -> Tone of Color -> Gamma) and I ended up with the final picture! Last but not least, I added the juices, heheh. We're done :)

Messy version here.


Anonymous said...

a useful tutorial...^_^
what brush type, opacity and settings did you use for this?

Kante Luis said...


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