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August 28, 2007

Illidan, World of Warcraft (Colored), Links, Rants & The Humcorner

Well, finally hauled my ass up and started coloring this bad boy up :P I refered to the official artwork for the colors. I kind of emulated the way the original artist's detailed coloring (like the hair). I kind of like the hair :)

Messy version here.

Also, take note how he glows! Especially that part, lol! Everyone likes glowing things right? I have to always remind myself not to go overboard. So far nobody has complained yet, so I guess that's a good sign :) The messy version was tricky. Mostly due to my computer's stupidity. It always lags! I almost trashed the comp cause it took so long drag stuff in the layers...And don't get me started when I go to sites with flash files. The horror!

*Ahem* Anyway, I put up some nice new links! First is my friend Horsey's Home on the Web. He's a really nice guy and we've been friend's for awhile :) Also another new friend, Chazee50's A Guy Who Draws Guys blog. FYI, Chazee is the guy who drew the Brother to Dragons comic, published by Class Comics! OMG I know a celeb, haha! So please hop to both links and browse around their blogs :)

Also a new addition to my blog is The Humcorner! A place where all you people can chat and stuff. Like if you wanna ask me something that's not related to a post and you're too lazy to mail me :) You find find it right on the side bar -->

PS - If you noticed on the previous post I put "War of Warcraft" as the title...I'm leaving it there to remind me of my stupidity :P

PSS - If you like my works, why not give me some tips? ;)


White Wabbit said...

LOL With his eyes ablaze he looks completely outraged at what his big glowing member is doing.

"WHYYYYYYYYYYY!?!!?!!" lol.... *ahem*

Wabbit xx

Chaz said...

Hey, Hum!
This is Chaz...
Wow. Nice bad guy!
Thanks for linking to my blog! And the nice words about Brother to Dragons.
I love your blog a lot, check it very often ;)

Carlos (or Chaz, anyway you like).

Anonymous said...

wabbit: lol, u'd be angry too if u had sharp claws and u couldn't wank hahaha

chaz: hey buddy! thx for visiting :D and dont worry, i wont stalk you...much ;) hahaha cheers!

HvH said...

I'm fastly becoming one of your biggest fans :)

Your work is simply spectacular.


Anonymous said...

nicely done! Illidan's my fantasy! ^^
could you also do Malfurion? his brother? both of theme are really hot!

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