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September 12, 2007

Busted New Modem!

Oh crap! My modem is busted :( How will I ever surf again?! (I'm using my phone at the moment...)

UPDATE: I went out to get a new modem today! Now I'm using a USB one and its working pretty good ;) I think God still wants to punish me. First, he sent lightning to kill my old modem, then he sent a Policeman to give me a parking ticket, haha. Ah, well :)


Anonymous said...

You're not still on dial-up are you? Just that when I hear the word 'modem'I think of this clunky box beside a computer that makes wierd noises ;)Well, I hope you get back online soon.

Anonymous said...

ive got dsl ... when it acts up and won't connect, i just unplug it, leave it overnight, and plug it in the next day. then it works just fine

Aneros said...

Hey man sorry to hear about the modem and I hope that you get it fixed soon, can't wait to see more of your work. I first saw you on Y!, Voider is my name on Y!, and was instantly amazed at your art style. I wouldn't mind a friendly fellow artist critique on my work that I have shown on my blog

If you like what I have there could you link me? I would like to link you on my blog as well, but I want to ask you first.

Anyway great art as always and I hope to see more.

Anonymous said...

Oh noes! *Le Gasp* What will all of the Hummy fans down while you are gone!? :o <3 Good luck with your reconnection-nesses! :3

humbuged said...

Thx guys :) I'm poor. The net is the only way I'm getting money. Wanna gimme a tip? Hehe :D I'd be ever so thankful~

Ryan said...

god is not in league with the police force

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you would post more to your blog... God would find it in his heart to forgive your egregious trespasses! :O

heheh... Just kidding! *SMOOCHIES*

Anonymous said...

Hey, aneros, your link is broken... the address to your site is actually =] Good stuff there btw.

Aneros said...

Thanks Chris for the proper link.

humbuged said...

ryan: could've fooled me :)

jeffy: (hugs)

aneros: You have wonderful art :) I will add you soon

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