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September 29, 2007

Daemon Does Keric: Vol. 1 (Commission) & Flickr

This piece was commissioned by Heyohwoah. He felt that Keric doesn't get nailed much (lol, my fault) so he thought Daemon would be a good match for Keric :)

FYI, Daemon is a werewolf, hence why he has those fangs. So, I thought the doggy position would be suitable for this one hehe. A little rough play there, but Keric doesn't mind at all I think :P Heyohwoah has a blog too and there's lots more hunky characters there to look at!

PS - I now have a Flickr account :)


DrGaellon said...

Dat dere? Dat's a little HOT. :)

FMX said...

Wow I love this pic! Daemon is so Hot. I just love his hair and tattoos. I really need to do more sexual pics of my characters. It is sometimes just hard for me to fit more then one person on the page. Keep posting more!

Anonymous said...

Daemon is so hot! The hair, tattoo, the whole him in general? I agree with FMX. And hey, Vol.1? Does that mean there's more? Humbug you spoil us rotten with your lovely works. Hehehehe....

Anonymous said...

huh, i thought it was drake.

Anonymous said...

XD hotcha

hey Mr. humbuged, looks awesome!!!
this deamon chara works perfect with your style
i love a lot the fangs!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yay, the first fappable thing you've posted in over a month.

I've missed your smut.

Anonymous said... it just me, or does that character look a LOT like Musashi from Eyeshield 21 with his mohawk?

Heyohwhoa said...

I love this picture :D

Anonymous said...

hmm.. this isn't on Y!

REALLY hot tho

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