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September 29, 2007

Phoenix Wright x Godot (Outline)

Weeeeeeeeeelllll! It's time to kick-off the day with a good ol' fanart smut featuring, Phoenix Wright of the Ace Attorney series :) So based on the poll that I did, a lot of you peeps looove some anal play ;D

I could've made Feeny getting nailed by some anonymous penis but what's the fun in that :P So I thought Godot would be a very nice addition to this picture :D I'm already a big fan of Godot. Edgey is okay if you like those cute bishie type of boy but Godot is all male, perfect for my taste buds hehe. I bet he smells like coffee too 8|

Has anyone played the Japanese import of Gyakuten Saiban 3 DS? I think Capcom did wonderful with the English translations. I hear the US version would have a better one, although I've no idea what they can do more to it. Now I'm waiting for the 4th game of the Ace Attorney series to be brought to the US! Phoenix looks better as he ages ;) I don't think Godot will be in the 4th game tough :( Is the 5th game coming out soon?


Anonymous said...

Oh my! Godot!. Amazing work on this one!. Can't wait to see it colored.

You bad humbuged, you bhaaad.

Anonymous said...

Now that's really hot, your anatomy and perspective look wonderful as usual

I love the guys in the gyakuten saiban series; I think the overall character design is great. The way you drew them certainly captures that! Godot's my favorite with Will Powers and Gumshoe following at close second. I love scruffy Phoenix in GS4, just something about the stubbly facial hair really suits him.

I think the main problem with Edgeworth is that while I think he's attractive, alot of people assume him to fit the yaoi posterboy image with the really feminine build and overall 'bishounen' look. I never really saw him that way, and it's a shame, because lots of fangirls (and boys) tend to draw him with no tone/weight or discerning male features. Same goes with most of the Phoenix/Edgeworth and similar yaoi content, finding pictures where they actually look like men are few and far between. But different strokes for different folks I suppose, and I'm one to respect difference in taste

Anyways, please keep drawing. You obviously have a great idea of what's attractive and sexy, at least to me and the many others that read your blog!


Anonymous said...


That is all. Short but sweet. XD

Anonymous said...

OMG YAH! I can die a happy man! Love it! <3

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