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October 8, 2007

Zulf the Grey Wolf, Links and Rambling Hum

Hello you beautiful people :D How's everyone doing today? :) I woke up today feeling oh so fresh and lively! That lasted only for a couple of minutes :P Lol, so I thought I'd go draw something. I came up with this guy :D

Zulf the Grey Wolf

(Naked version here)

His name is Zulf! Ain't he hunky? :O I kinda like and hate this picture at the same time, haha :P It took me the WHOLE day to finish it. Know why? FEET. Well actually it started with his feet :P Then I had to actually redo everything :( Anyway, I HATE drawing feet XD It takes me hours just to get 'em right. Props to those who seem to draw them without sweating buckets.

I made it work and it seemed to turn out ok :) You can't tell much from the jockstrap but Zulf is a bartender. He gives out juices for all the boys to drink (lol fruit juice, get your mind outta the gutter!). So now my furry realm has another hunky character! Lets make a head count. First there's our lovable monkey boy, Arus. Then there's Bakera, the blue shaman bear and Toraz, the warrior tiger. Not much but plenty for Arus to have fun with mwahahaha >:D

I should really develop my furry world more. Well, ok and my elven world too :P Like, give 'em a place to stay or something. I do have the name of the universe where they all reside though (lol, besides in my head). Somebody wanted to make a group page in Y!Gallery for my stuff and asked me where exactly do my characters live at. I didn't want to make the guy wait for a year while I figure out where they live so I called it, Huminia XD Now, now I know it's kinda lame(!) but that's all I could come up with haha. It's a cute name though, doncha think? XD

Oooo, and I also added some links to my link list!

  • IOOTO, Grisser's livejournal - I'm sure most of you know the place already :P Grisser's art is da bomb!
  • DHC Underground, Heyohwoah's blog - I just call him Heyoh for short, hehe. Lots of cel shaded goodness! Remember the Daemon & Keric commission I did for him? He made a continuation of it! Yuuuuummy! :D :D


Anonymous said...

just like to say that i love your works, youe elf's and your furry. I'd always be in Zolf's bar just so i could watch him work.

Just an idea your furry worl to make it different try adding furry guys that you don't often see, you will always see wolfs, foxes, cats, horses, rodents, bulls, etc, add something out of the usuaull like ....umm running dry here, some form of avian like a hot little penguin dude. something unusual.

just a suggestion sorry ^^

Jeff and Melissa said...

So, when are your elves and furries going to meet?

Heyohwhoa said...

Aww when I look at this all I can think of is that's what my puppy would look like hehe. I like how you drew his penis more human-like. Personally I think those look alot better than I guess you could call them the anatomically correct ones. Anyways :D I'm glad you liked your picture :D

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I wouldn't mind waking up next to that sexiness -- well, unless it was a sexy elf like Cyl!

Sar aka Sarien Palth

Unknown said...

I swear to Gods above, you have so of the best stuff out there.

I don't think I've seen a bad piece from you yet man.

MaxHedrm said...

I was actaully thinking the penis looked sort of like a grafted on after thought. Something about the color isn't quite right.

Anonymous said...

hakkai - hehe probably :3 thx ^^

zauberer - well, i dunno XD probably never. unless something happened XD

heyoh - animal genitals aren't exciting haha. thx :)

sar - lol Cyl would look cute wearing kitty ears :3

cam - aww thx ;D

max - hmm, you're right! I think it looks TOO human! lol, i'mma go fix it XD

Anonymous said...

Your really a great arist, zulf is awsome! keep up the amazing work

Anonymous said...

Zulf is so sexy, you said you had a hard time drawing the feet but I think they are really sexy, they add on to how extreme sexiness, and I think his penis looks great, I wish he was real

Luis said...

-just drools all over the place- .... Zulfy.... so.... hot.... must... kiss....

Zulf´s Boy said...

Zulf i fink i loving you '-'

Zulfforlife said...

Zulf looks awsome! But osmething missing... I feal like he should totaly get more scars! Make him a bad ass :D

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