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December 3, 2007

Away Time

Hey peeps. Today, I have to go awat again. Won't have 24/7 net access. Probably until after I come back on the 20th :P You all will be good won't you? :) See you all soon :D


Sayki Kun said...

Wahhhh *Sniff..Sniff*
we go miss u back as son possiblee and Bon Voyage xD

K3rry said...

WHOA, that's a long time, but hey, enjoy ya self if ya can ! and we'll see you when you get back !

Anonymous said...

Do you ever stay in one place for any length of time? Dammit! lol
Hope you have fun while you're away! :D

Unknown said...

Hi Humplex! i started a blog aswell to recently and i hope you don't mind me adding a link to your page! Your work is really cool!

Anonymous said...

traveling humbuged XD
good luck and well be waiting till xmas ;D

Unknown said...

I just discovered your blog recently and I wanted to say that your art is AWESOME. I love the style and the characters. They are among the best on the internet. So thank you and keep going strong!

Sayki Kun said...

man i finnaly start my first blog xD and i love ur draw ....u know ur draw have give me streagh enoth to start again a draw and start my first manga to xD but i dunno how color so will be black and white
i hope you don't mind me adding a link to your page

Anonymous said...

Sincerely,I miss the old Humbuged.You were determined and more creative.Now it's all about money or "sorry I can't" or "sorry but it's time to take a nap".

We tought you were the revelation of the last year...I think we were wrong.

Anonymous said...

anonymous dude, whaddya mean? O.o?

Anonymous said...

sayki - aww thx :D i'm back! ^_^

k3rry - hey, i had a good time. thx! :D

vdeo - Hehe, it just seems that the end of this year, many things are happening :O I'm back thoguh :)

monkeygogo - Hey man! I'll link to yours soon :D Setting up my own PC ^_^

devilman - Hey D! :D Thx ;D

trevor - thx! Lets both better ourselves, ne? :D

sayki - Wow congrats! I'm testing out my own manga skills too. I don't have confidence in myself doing manga, but I'll be trying my best to practice practice practice! :D

anon - Aww, I'm sorry you feel that way :( I'll try to be more creative AND productive :D I think with the incentive of making money, I'm breaking out of my shell and trying out new things for myself to explore! And you're always welcomed here :)

kevv - Hello! XD

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