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December 21, 2007


Phew, hi everyone! Man, lots have been happening that I haven't been able to update my lil ol blog regularly :(

I've gotten a honest to god NORMAL desktop PC now! No more borrowing slow laptops from people XD Know what this means? It means I have more juice to run my operation! I hope to start doing what I did when I opened this blog up. Those crazy 2-4 times updates a day hahaha. That was really fun, huh? Now all I need is a monitor XD

Of course fellow commissioners, you're still not forgotten :) And my manga project! I must finish it no matter what! >_< Gambatte minna san! New Year is almost here and lets all do our best!!! :D


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhh! I missed you so muuuuuuch. xD

Anonymous said...

All i want for Christmas is....


Welcome back ^^

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Hum! It seemed like longer than it actually was, because this week was final exams! You coming back is a good start-of-Christmas-vacation gift. :D

Anonymous said...

yay Hum's back!
yay new pc!(lol minus monitor)
yay commisions!
Yay Manga!

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