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December 22, 2007

It's off to the PC Shop again?

OMG, why do these things keep happening to me? PCs don't like me very much. So here I was installing some drivers on my hardrive when all of a sudden the CPU keeps shutting down. Then the monitor won't boot up. And Now, the CPU's fan is going crazy and doesn't even want to boot up! Sigh, the things I have to deal with.

And I was so excited with the new PC :( It was fast and good...till it died. It's my fault I guess for installing those audio sound card drivers. Ah, well. I guess I have to keep on waiting and chuck up a few bucks just to fix this damn thing again...


Update: Whoa! It turns out its only cause the cpu is overheat! I'm using it now and it seems ok...YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update: Turns out, I DO need to send it tomorrow...Hopefully this'll be the last time I send at least until a few months or a year...


Anonymous said...

Wow, that sucks. Is it under warranty? What OS are you using, Windows XP or Vista? Have you tried system restore?

When you say the 'CPU fan' do you mean the heatsink fan for the processor or just one of the exhaust fans? Your prob might just be that your procie is overheating, due to an improperly installed HSF, hence the shutdown. It might have been jiggled a little during transport. If you can, try reseating the HSF, or have a friend that knows how, do it for you. Of course, tinkering with it yourself might void your warranty or policy for RMA, so better call the place you got it from to make sure.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Wha--!? You're right, it's working now! That's freaky :O So it's because it's overheating? What's a heatsink? I see this big fan thingy in that it? O_o But thanks for the info man! WOW! XD I'm so excited again!!

Anonymous said...

The heatsink fan (HSF) is that fan that's on top of the heatsink (metal thingy) that sits on top of your processor (on your motherboard), the whole contraption keeps your processor cool because it can get very, very hot. It's different from the exhaust fans that maintains the air flow for your rig (again to keep it nice and cool).

But hey, I see you got it to work now. Did you do something (like restore) or did it boot up right all on it's own? If it's the latter, o_O?

You might want to keep an eye (and ear) on it, though. Faulty drivers don't make your computer's fans noisy all of a sudden. Watch out for abnormal sounds, because I still think there's something wrong inside there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

mark, as soon as the pc booted up, i downloaded speedfan and cranked all the fan sppeds to 100% O_O and i opened up the side too. It shows 60C as my cpu temperature now but it's working good! with the help of a new friend, I also managed to get my sound card working which is great!! :D and thx to you for mentioning about the heatsink~ :D

Anonymous said...

60C... hmm, your pc is running a little hot. Better have someone check if your pc is overclocked, and to get someone to reseat your HSF just to be on the safe side. By the way, can you check what your cpu temperature is at boot-up (preferably after your pc has been off for a long time) then check again after a few minutes? Just to get a good reading of how fast your procie heats up. I know it's a hassle but it beats having a burnt-out procie any time.

Oh, and that's great about the sound card, so you can hear all those movies that you've downloaded at gaytorrents. XD yeah, saw your post there too man.

Anonymous said...

mark, ah ok i'll do that soon :D kind of tired tonight *yawn* see u soon :D

MaxHedrm said...

The box probably should remain closed, most cases are designed to pull air over the hot bits, but can only do it when closed. You also shouldn't have to run all the fans @ 100% just to keep it from overheating. They should only have to run full speed if you're doing something really processor intensive (video compression, compiling, stuff like that). So, it sounds to me like you have an issue & should take it to the people that built it to see what the deal is.

Anonymous said...

You're so cute.


Anonymous said...

max - yeah i think you're right. i should send it to the shop to check and see. The temp is way too high. But at least I'll be able to use it till monday so I'm not so bummed out :D

anon - haha XD

Anonymous said...

Just don't let it run for too long until you do take it back to be checked. Nothing's worth frying a processor over, especially since you just got the pc for a very short while.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get everything worked out.
^_^ I'm sure you will.

Anonymous said...

mark, you're just died again :( Tomorrow I'm definately heading to the PC shop!

bones - yeah, I'll straighten this out by hook or by crook!

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